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Membership in the ACM and ACCC Institutions is an important way for our cities across the America Continent to stay connected with each other and engaged with issues at the international level. All members of the Conference are entitled to participate in our policy-shaping process and will be eligible for our award programs. The members also receive discounts for meeting and conference registration, discounts for registration in international missions, and other institutional benefits.

Benefits of becoming a member:


1. Best Practices Promotion and Learning in Public Issues:


The municipalities and cities in the Americas Conference of Mayors and City Councilors are invited to share their best practices on responding to challenges in public issues. These best practices will be collected and showcased in various seminars,  institutional reports, and our website in the short term. We would like to start having funds available to cities through our future awards programs, where we will provide contributions in recognition for the innovation and solutions to solve our city challenges.

2. Promotion of your City and Municipality:


You will have the opportunity to promote your city's accomplishments in the International and Regional Conference Programs. Also, you have the benefit of incorporating information in our promotional section on our website. We will invite you to participate in International Missions to promote your city in international forums. It means that you are promoting with mayors and city councilors from different countries in the Americas Continent and other continents.

3. Business Networks and Representatives Offices in Americas cities:


Our institution is opening representatives’ offices in 10 cities in the Americas. You will have a representative that will give you information to have business opportunities for your town or municipality across that offices. Hence, the membership that you pay for the Americas Conference of Mayors and the Americas Conference of City Councilors allows our members and leaders in the business community to work together. The goal is to provide opportunities for both the city and the Americas business sector.


4. Networking and Advocacy:


When you are serving as a city councilor and as mayor it is the closest way to work with communities. As you know, that's the relevance of your job, like no other job in the world. With the Conference of Mayors and City Councilors you can connect, network, share with other mayors and city councilors. All are prepared to recognize the challenges of being in the top position in a city or the council. Hence, building relationships and bonding with your colleagues helps you learn how to be a better mayor or city councilor and build powerful friendships. The Conference provides opportunities to dialogue with mayors on issues affecting all of America's cities. Regardless of the population in your town, there is a place for you at the Conference. Besides, Mayors and City Councilors collectively work to adopt policy resolutions giving each city a voice. You can do that by serving on the Standing Committees and Task Forces as leaders in specific areas.

Membership Payment for each City Councilor's dues are in US dollars:


If your city or municipality has a population under or from 19,999-59,999       $ 300.00 

If your city or municipality has a population from 59,999-499,999                     $ 400.00

If your city or municipality has a population greater of 499,000                         $ 600.00

Affiliated Organizations                                                                                       $ 2,000.00

Membership Payment for each Mayor's dues are in US dollars:


If your city or municipality has a population under or from 19,999-59,999    $ 1,000.00 

If your city or municipality has a population from 59,999-499,999                  $ 1,500.00

If your city or municipality has a population greater of 499,000                      $ 2,000.00

Affiliated Organizations                                                                                       $ 2,000.00

If you have questions or any other comments please contact Laura Bassein, Executive Coordinator.

Please pay here your Annual Membership Fees, according to the population of your city or municipality. We will send you your invoice after your payment. Thank you!  

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